Airport Transfer

Bli Bali Transport Airport Transfer Services is the best selling service when many complaints of tourists to get reliable and authorized taxi service at the Airport, we make this service to meet with customers upon arrival in Bali Island and give greetings WELCOME TO BALI and ensure customer safety with all luggage. For customers who wish to book a private tour service with Bli Bali Transport and would like to discuss the tour and price schedule directly, we will gladly pick up and discuss with you at the Hotel or at a designated place. Below is a list of the rates of this service according to the location of the Hotel from the Airport :

Bli Bali Transport Airport Transfer Service Rates :

Common Problems :
1. When you arrive, many taxi driver who comes to you.
2. Confused with the official taxi prices, usually offered at a higher price.
3. Too much luggage and need free help from our driver.
4. Regular taxi can only be a maximum of 3 passengers.
5. With regular taxi can not stop to buy something on the way to the hotel.
Yes, We are The Solutions!
Why with Us ?
1. When you arrive, we’ve been waiting in the arrivals area by displaying your name.
2. If you want us to bring something or want to make a surprise, we are ready to help.
3. Our Service Includes mineral water for you when you Arrive.
4. If you need direct discussions to determine the tour program for the next day can be done when we got to the hotel.
5. We are ready to stop on the way to the hotel if needed, such as exchange money, buy a local sim card, etc.
6. We guarantee your satisfaction with our hospitality, you can see our reviews here (TripAdvisor).
7. Our driver is ready to help you carry your luggage.